Silicon Valley Jazz Festival

Thank you for your past support!
We are excited for our 3rd Season
October 12 & 13 in Menlo Park, CA
(at Fremont Park on Santa Cruz Ave.)

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The Silicon Valley Jazz Festival (SVJF) is a broad effort to educate the public, and especially young people, about jazz – America’s art form – and its far-reaching influence on world culture.  Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of San Carlos, the festival aims to provide:

  • A two-day jazz event featuring local school groups, Bay Area-based professional musicians and national headliners. The festivities will create an inspiring atmosphere that will be both remembered and anticipated year after year by Peninsula music-lovers, and will build Silicon Valley’s reputation as a place where the arts thrive.
  • A variety of educational activities for Peninsula school children to help them learn about the importance of jazz and the ways in which it has shaped the culture of the United States and the world. In particular, we anticipate performances and presentations by leading professional musicians and educators.  Most schools pay scant attention to what can legitimately be called “America’s art form,” and especially the contribution of African-Americans to U.S. history and culture.  We hope to create a lasting climate that promotes greater appreciation and preservation of the traditions of jazz, along with a continuous series of innovative, high-quality programs that will be recognized as a valuable asset to education on the Peninsula.
  • A four-week workshop to teach the rich history of jazz and the intricate techniques of jazz improvisation to local students, especially those in underserved communities. Our goal is to encourage young musicians to explore jazz concepts, develop their abilities as jazz artists, and understand and appreciate the unique power of jazz as an art form that has deeply affected American culture.
  • A year-round series of public presentations to build the public’s awareness and appreciation of jazz. In a commercial world dominated by rock, pop and other forms, jazz is in danger of being overlooked, if not actually becoming extinct.  Our offerings to the public will be both scholarly and entertaining, with an emphasis on the beauty, complexity and relevance of jazz, as well as its contributions to musical and cultural development throughout history.
  • Funds for the philanthropic and volunteer activities of the Kiwanis Club of San Carlos. The festival also benefits one of the premier organizations supporting youth, families and senior citizens throughout Silicon Valley.

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Silicon Valley Jazz Festival Committee

Dr. Pascal Bokar Thiam, Ed.D., Founder & CEO of the Festival Chair

Scott Dailey, Executive Board Member

Greg Posten, Executive Board Member

Fernando Bravo, Executive Board Member

David Miller, Esq., Executive Board Member

Teresa Anthony, Executive Board Member

Bob Brown

Nancy Agronin, Treasurer

Walt Shjeflo, Esq.

Nathan Winegar, Esq.

Susan Kimmel

Steve Beckwith

Phil Abrams

Martin Mansmann

Trevor Slater

Michael E. Claire